On the streets of London

Walking in Brick Lane is so easy to find stylish people!
I am totally in love with the double colour jacket and the JC shoes!


Let's rock the spring!

Under the winter coat we dream about spring.
February is almost finish so here you can find a some inspiartion that look at the sunny days.
Broken tights, ankles boots, printed t-shirts and jeans shorts.
So what do you think?


Happy 1 year in London, Laura

Bermondsey Street 134, London SE1 3TX

Today my friend Laura celebrate one year in London by chance we went in the same place she went the first time alone here in London.

Cofee @ Bermondsey is a great place to have a coffee, pass time with your computer or simply chill out, The music is cool, pretty '80 and the walls are full of '80 '90 icons posters, I can say this is my place!

Today I had a chai latte, and a sandwich both of them were nice and I have to say that also was pretty cheap.
The team was friendly and the bar was full of cool people, we were sitting next to some music producers " ;-) "


give me all your lovin'

Today in Picadilly Circus there was the premier of the new Madonna song.
Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but I couldn't wait to see the video on youtube and here it is.

I have to say I expected something more  but is Madonna then you can forgive all!
lively, compelling, the typical pop song with a fresh air called M.I.A. and Nicky Minai.

This song and video is full of clichè but it completely works, the clothes are cool, the retouching is powerly corelful, a great inspiration mood!

Anyway she sings Every record sounds the same!


The Skull effect

Laura Rogliano (c) apinkpopcorn

Topshop top - h&m knitwear - Alexander Mcqueen scarf


Lugano Bella

I just come back in London after an amazing holiday in my hometown Lugano.

Lugano is a small city in the south of switzerland, in the italian part. here it's (always) sunny, it's an amazing place to go on a relaxing holidays.



Teen melancholia - Crone inside

When you feel gloomy about your teenagehood it's time to go through your closet and see what you keep from it!
This is in a perfect '90 style for a perfect epiphany night out with your girls.
This look is all about the NINETIES and the black, h&m tulle dress, you can find it on sales now, some '90 black platform from my teen years and I bottle of JD's just to remember you that now you are in age of drinking permission!

My soundtrack of those years!


POP 2012

Wishing u a colorful new year from my Switzerland!
I just come back for a quick cheers with my friends and family but I am ready to comeback in my London!


Dont' be fancy by the pink!!

Topshop skinny jeans                               Topshop knitwear must-have                            Alexander Mcqueen black clutch       

   Urban Outfitters earings                                         Office black wedges


Rock Winter

                                                All Saints scarf         All Saints boots        Pingpingandrabbi leggings        Topshop fur coat

Winter is here, but we don't want to loose our rock soul!


Hands of an artist

she was drawing her new hair cut. 

Ex-boyfriend Skull ring bought at Barcelona market 
silver ring COS -  http://www.cosstores.com